Sunday 18 January

We had a quiet and uneventful day yesterday until Marc picked us up at 5pm to babysit for Summer and to stay over at theirs. Before we left we banked up the fire with coal in the hope that it would keep burning overnight and protect the boat from the freezing temperatures and snow that Radio 4 was predicting for the area.

At Laura’s we bathed and got Summer ready for bed and were rewarded with the best cuddle and kiss yet in her sixteen months, before she snuggled down!

She slept right through until 7 this morning and she greeted us with a lovely smile as her Mum carried her into the bedroom and sang Happy Birthday to me.


There had been a light dusting of snow overnight, not quite the heavy fall we were expecting, and so this morning we went for a walk, crossing from Handbridge via the pedestrian suspension bridge over the Dee and into the picturesque Grosvenor Park.

On our drive back home we took a slight detour via the boat to load more coal onto the fire and were amazed that it was still glowing, some eighteen hours later.

I have been thoroughly spoilt today with some lovely presents, cards, a cake and a roast beef dinner.


After all the excitement of the day we returned to a warm boat just as it was getting dark.


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