Friday 16 January

Why does the wind seem to get so much stronger once it gets dark? Last night’s strong gusts began about 5pm and to avoid the worst of the gusts and boat swaying, we treated ourselves to a bar meal at The Bouverie.   We were delighted to find they’d slashed their food prices by 50% for the evening.

Thankfully the wind had blown itself out by bed-time.

We set our alarm for 7.30am and Storm took Max for a quick walk as we’d been invited to observe Summer at Rhythm Time. This is held in a church hall not far from the boat and comprises about 15 – 20 tots meeting with their carers to sing songs and play a variety of percussion instruments.   Great fun was had by all.

After kisses, cuddles and a wave, we went back to the boat for a coffee and then managed to dodge the rain showers to shop for food for the weekend.

We spent a quiet afternoon on the boat keeping warm; listening to the radio, one of us cooking while the other uploaded and downloaded stuff to the computer.

We now have a liver and sausage casserole, and some pork ribs, cooking separately and slowly on top of the solid fuel stove.


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