Thursday 15 January

The nights are still very windy and we nearly got up to watch Perfect Storm last night as we felt we were all at sea! Time this week has been spent doing lots of land based activities. We went to look at the two locks that are currently stopping us from leaving Chester.  They have been dewatered and an army of men are working to install new lock gates.  We got there just as they were heading off for their tea break so we got a good luck beyond the safety fencing.  We were surprised at just how deep the locks are when dewatered as this is a sight you don’t normally see.   It was also amazing at just how much junk there was in the bottom – lots of bent bicycles and shopping trollies.  We’re not sure that they are going to clean all this out.


Chemistry Lock, Chester


Hoole Lane Lock, Chester

We tried out the new shower block at Tower Wharf which was luxurious – lots of hot water in a nice clean and warm room. We have spent some nice times with Laura and Summer. I managed to download two episodes of Last Tango in Halifax using Laura’s WIFI and had just enough battery power to watch them both last night.  The computer has been back on charge today providing sufficient energy to write this blog.


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