Saturday 10 January

We moved back into Chester yesterday, and were lucky with our timing as we missed the worst of the windy gusts and the rain showers.

Last night’s temperature was in double figures despite gusting winds, and we were sitting in the late evening with the windows open to let some of the heat from the stove escape.

The gusts got stronger after we’d gone to bed and we were woken with the boat slamming, banging and scraping against the stone quayside.   Storm got up and  made a wonderful buffer/fender from an empty coal bag, stuffed with some old rags, and tied up with string.   I think we’ll patent this design as we’ve tried all kinds of fenders that don’t deaden the noise when hitting the bank – but this worked really well and completely deadened the noise.

This morning Marc & Laura dropped Summer off with us and we took her in her pram to see the ducks on the River Dee, while they went off to do a few errands in town.   It was still quite windy and the temperature has dropped since last night so we didn’t hang around too long in the cold before heading back to the boat for some lunch and a warm.

Laura has kindly taken our laundry and I’ve promised to do some baking to take to hers for lunch tomorrow.


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