Tuesday 6 January

We were quite lazy this morning and with the sound of rain on the roof, we had a lie in, as we’d stayed up late watching a DVD last night – The Bucket List, which is a hilarious and deeply touching tale about friendship starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.

By late morning the sun was shining again and so went to explore the town of Ellesmere Port and visited the ‘once fine Victorian railway station’. This quote, from our canal guide, amuses me.


At the station we enquired about ways of seeing more of the Wirral Peninsula. A £5 rover style ticket can be purchased that allows us to travel by train, bus or boat within the Merseyside Rail region. We returned to the boat to plan a journey of sightseeing for later in the week.

We spent the rest of the afternoon on the boat. I set about preparing our accounts ready to send to the accountant, an annual job that is always daunting but which is not too bad once started, and Storm put up a couple of shelves, one in a kitchen cupboard and one in the bathroom.

On the Manchester Ship Canal, another ship arrived and this was the view of it from our window this afternoon…



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