Monday 5 January

The forecast was right – no frost and a sunny morning with almost balmy temperatures of 6 deg C.

We were just about to move onto the water point but were just pipped to the post by another boat.   We waited patiently for our turn and after an age I went to see why it was taking him so long.   He’d already finished filling his tanks but apparently was waiting for his mate who was in another boat moored opposite to wind and accompany him on a short trip down the canal.   As he realised we wished to fill up with water he offered to move.

I’d envisaged a fairly early departure from Chester today but it was closer to noon before we finally left.

We travelled the 8 miles to Ellesmere Port and this allowed us to recharge our batteries and also to switch on the inverter to charge up our non 12 volt appliances, (mainly our MacBook). We still need to investigate what we need to charge safely using the 12v system. (Having said that, getting a signal on the WIFI takes a little longer!)


The sky was so clear, crisscrossed by many vapour trails from the planes heading to and from both John Lennon & Manchester airports.


The National Waterways Museum is situated at Ellesmere Port and provides an attractive backdrop to the moorings and the junction with the Manchester Ship Canal with the River Mersey beyond.   With the right licences it is possible to travel from here via the Manchester Ship Canal to the River Weaver; to Manchester; and to Liverpool via the River Mersey.   The museum is only open at weekends during the winter months.


It was nice to see three ships moored nearby on the Ship Canal as for much of its length into Manchester it appears unused and neglected.

The town of Ellesmere Port however is unremarkable and our Nicholson’s Canal guide describes it as ‘an industrial town of little interest apart from its once fine Victoria railway station’.



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