Saturday 3 January

We woke at 8am to the sound of a little voice heading towards our room.   With no chance of a lie in we got up and Laura, Summer and I headed off in her car, first to the boat to put more coal on the fire which amazingly was still in, and then to the post office sorting office to collect a parcel of post addressed to us that we’d missed earlier in the week and then to visit a wholesale warehouse on the Wirral to look at all different kinds of floristry accessories, leaving Storm and Marc to change two light fittings in the kitchen.   This was just one of the jobs on Marc’s list for this year.  This got the royal seal of approval when we got back.

Back on the boat, I took down all our Christmas decorations and stored them away for next year.   The boat looks quite empty now.

Tomorrow we will restock the food cupboards, visit the water point and sanitary station and head off north towards Ellesmere Port.

We’re needed for further babysitting in Chester later this month and so we are taking advantage of the winter stoppages by staying in the area until the end of January.


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