Friday 2 January

We woke late and enjoyed a cooked breakfast before making plans for the rest of the day.

Storm went off with Max towards Love’s Garage where he was looking forward to pressing his nose against the glass to admire the classic cars stored there. Alas he came back disappointed and dejected as all the classic cars had gone.

I went off to Tesco’s on the Greyhound Retail Park where I limited my spend so I could easily carry my purchases back to the boat. The heaviest items (a pack of 6 tins of dog food and two pints of milk) fitted in my rucksack and the lighter items were divided between two other bags. After that I made a cake for Marc’s birthday on Monday.

Storm spent the rest of the day working on his Moulton bike, a project that has been waiting for some nylon bushes but these have now been tracked down and arrived at different times in a variety of padded envelopes. It is hoped that all the spare parts have been received to allow the completion rebuilding of the bike.

With the bike frame and handle bars removed from my wardrobe, I took the opportunity to have a good spring clean and sort out and re-stack all the things stored in there to make it easier to access the clothes.

At 4’oclock we got ready to head off to Laura’s (a walk of about 45 minutes) as we’d offered to babysit Summer and stay overnight, in return for using their washing machine for our laundry. We stoked up the fire in the hope that it would stay in overnight. Max enjoyed the walk along the walls, across Grosvenor Bridge over the River Dee and on to Lache Lane.     We were surprised at how light it was and we made it to Laura’s before it got really dark.

We got to bath Summer and put her to bed and then settled down to try and find something of interest to watch on the telly that we’ve not seen before, while we ate our tea.   We can’t say we miss not having a television on the boat and this evening’s choice was fairly dismal.


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