31 December 2015

We are now moored near Telford’s  having moved the boat on Sunday, through the six locks and down to the basin near Telford’s.   We stayed on board that night but since then have been staying at Laura’s.

There are on-going problems at Chemistry Lock with leaking lock gates and boaters are finding it difficult to open the gates as the lock empties faster than it fills.  Thankfully there were two boats coming up just as we arrived and a guy from the CRT had a tow rope fastened to the gates from his truck to help pull the gates open.   Once the gates were open, we passed through without any problem.   This lock is going to be repaired next week as part of the Winter stoppage programme.

The new Waitrose store has opened opposite the Shot Tower and we stopped for a few minutes to pick up a pint of milk – we were disappointed that the contractors haven’t included any mooring rings outside the store – hopefully these will appear very soon.

I steered the boat through the three staircase locks while Storm operated the locks.   This was the first time he’d done the locks here and he was concerned that he’d messed up the water levels but we passed through OK.

I popped back to the boat today to check everything is OK and to make Storm a birthday cake.   We’re celebrating both his birthday and New Year’s Eve back at Laura’s this evening.





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