Sunday 14 December

We’ve stayed put in Wheelock today.   I took Max for his morning walk and we found the Wheelock Rail Trail that goes from Alsager to Sandbach.   We picked it up just outside Wheelock and walked about two miles of it before retracing our steps part of the way but then left it at the old station platform and climbed up to street level, passing the two station cottages on the way which had some interesting junk art on the walls. It’s a shame these are hidden from the road as their audience is limited to just those people who leave the trail at this spot.

I made it back in time to listen to Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs and Sarah Millican’s choice of music moved me to tears, particularly her story of walking back down the aisle with her second hubbie to McCartney’s The Frogs Chorus.   I’d never listened to the words before. She said they’d got their guests to sing along and to make all the animal noises.

I then set about giving the inside of the boat a thorough clean from one end to the other – black spaniel hairs get everywhere!

We then all went out for a walk and I showed Storm the interesting route I’d discovered this morning before coming back to the boat for a very late lunch.

The forecasted rain didn’t really materialise today – we’ve had a couple of short showers but otherwise it’s been fairly mild.

The rest of the afternoon was spent being very lazy in front of the fire – a spot of reading and knitting.


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