Wednesday 10 December

Wide away at 2am sitting up in bed drinking tea after only three hours sleep as we are buffeted against the bank in the strong gusting wind.   We couldn’t relax and had to check we were still tied up as we’d had to use pins when mooring as there were no rings available. We’d double pinned but still weren’t confident that these would hold us in the strong winds.

However, the wind must have calmed down at some point as we didn’t see four am and instead woke to a calm sunny morning, still safely tied up.

Our aim today was to return to the top of Bosley Locks and use the laundry facilities there (a distance of 7 miles).

As we passed through Macclesfield, I hopped off at Bridge 36 and, like a ninja, ran up the steps to the newsagent beside the bridge to buy some milk while Storm hovered with the boat under the bridge. I was back in less than a minute and we continued on our way.

We arrived at the top of the locks before lunch.   I’ve had a CRT pre-paid electricity card since we visited Market Harborough in the summer but I’ve not had an opportunity to use it until today as there are very few places that offer laundry facilities or electric hook up.

The card has been in my purse and after hearing that storing them with magnetic bank cards renders then useless I was relieved when it worked.   I’ve now stored it in its own plastic wallet in the drawer to ensure it will continue to work in the future.

A successful afternoon – clean towels & bedding washed, dried and stored away and a snooze before making Spaghetti Bolognese for tea.


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