Wednesday 3 December

White frosty grass greeted us this morning with temperatures to match and so we put on our thermal base layers first.   With plenty of layers on, plus hat and gloves, we left our mooring and headed into Macclesfield where we looked for somewhere to moor.

Despite lending its name to the canal, the town doesn’t go out of its way to welcome boaters as it only provides mooring ring space for about three boats  and below the water line there is a concrete ledge which prevents anyone pulling up tight against the canal side.   We put down our plank to bridge the gap.

I know we’ve visited Macclesfield before and I usually have a good memory of places, however neither of us could recall the town centre which was surprising as it is a very pleasant old market town with a number of fine classical buildings.


Stylish clock on top of a clothing shop – we suspect the building was once a Citroen garage


We went in search of a butcher’s shop and found ‘Spearings’ a family run business that was very popular with the locals and we treated ourselves to a joint of beef, as well as some liver and bacon, and some sausage meat.   Their pies must be very good as many visitors were leaving empty handed and disappointed as they’d sold out.

We also located the Silk Museum and made enquiries about opening and tour times for a time next week when we can arrive at the museum better attired than looking as though we’ve just landed from the North Pole.

We returned to the boat and moved off to take advantage of any sunshine and its solar gain. By 3.30pm we’d made it as far as Bollington and this is somewhere we’ve not explored before.   The temperature had noticeably dipped again and we were glad to get indoors.


Clarence Mill chimney, looking exceptionally red with the sun on it



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