Tuesday 2 December

We were away by 9.30 this morning and got a good rhythm going with the locks and we went up 12 in one and half hours.


We moored at the top to use the showers there – we’d been dreaming of luxuriating under copious amounts of hot water but we were disappointed as the water was only luke warm, but at least we were clean.

We set off again after lunch and although the sun was shining, the thermometer showed a temperature of just 3degrees and it felt quite raw.   We continued on through two swing bridges as far as Gurnett Aqueduct and moored up at 3pm.

Earlier this week I hit upon the idea of making a wreath using greenery collected from the hedgerows and this evening I spotted fir cones on the ground and so with a length of ribbon salvaged from last Christmas, I made the final artistic flourishes to our Christmas decorations for public enjoyment. The internal decorations are still in development.


I then set about making a pizza for tea and as I’d be using the oven I decided to maximise on the gas and make a chocolate cake too.

We were just about to eat tea when we got fantastic news from home – James’ has been offered a permanent teaching contract.


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