Tuesday 25 November

We woke quite late and were quite snug under our 13 tog duvet. We’d left the salon door open to help the heat percolate through the boat and Max wasn’t sure whether this was an invitation for him to share our bed.   He plucked up courage during the night and joined us.

We left Anderton at ten and whilst it was frosty, the early mist was clearing and we motored on under clear blue skies.   We’d planned to motor on to Middlewich.

The journey from Anderton to Middlewich is a journey of contrasts. As we left Anderton we passed through the leafy Marbury Country Park and then on past the Lions Salt Works which closed in 1986.   The first time we passed by here the Salt Works were derelict but over the last five years these have been restored into a museum and it now looks as though this will be ready to open to the public in early 2015.

The canal then enters an industrialised area with an enormous ICI factory dominating the canalside, with many overhead pipes criss-crossing the canal.   Once through Rudheath the canal enters an area of beautiful open countryside, the canal overhung with trees. As we passed one tree a pair of beady eyes in a black furry face appeared from a crevice in the tree trunk. It was too quick to photo but I think it may have been a mink – it was too dark to have been a weasel or a stoat.

We approached Bramble Cuttings at about 1pm and as there was no-one moored there we decided to stop as this is one of our favourite mooring sites on the Trent & Mersey.   Max likes it too as he has free reign to come and go as he pleases.


We spent the afternoon catching up on admin and will travel on to Middlewich tomorrow.


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