Monday 24 November

We are back on board after more than three weeks at home stripping out our old first floor kitchen, moving walls, making good and redecorating to transform the ‘L’ shaped sitting room into a rectangle and creating a small utility room.


From this narrow dining end of the lounge to …


… new improved wider dining area in the lounge.



.. and the small utility room in place of the larger first floor kitchen.



The anniversary of our year afloat passed while we were away and we’ve returned to Northwich on the Trent & Mersey. Our train journey from Beverley viat Sheffield and Stockport was straightforward with no delays.

The boat was quite chilly and the first priority was to light the fire, before even making cuppa.   It took a few hours to warm the boat through by which time we’d paid our marina dues and manoeuvred our way off our jetty mooring and out of the marina, turning left to moor up close to the Anderton Boat Lift Visitor Centre to await our Tesco delivery.

I’d placed the order from home and had opted for an evening drop in case we were delayed. I’d had to give the marina address on the website as Tesco wouldn’t delivery to the visitor centre and I’d given precise instructions to the driver directing him to the visitor centre car park. However, I hadn’t bargained on the barriers blocking all the entrances to the car park from 5pm and the inability to get any kind of phone signal while on the boat.

At the appointed hour of our delivery we were to be found armed with shopping bags, standing in the dark on a frosty night beside the main road waiting to intercept the driver and redirect him to a spot closer to the boat. He arrived 40 minutes into the allotted hourly slot. The driver was very kind and even offered to help carry our bags to the boat.

Amongst our groceries was wine and this was welcomed by the time we’d stowed the groceries.


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