Saturday 18 October

This morning’s breakfast was purchased from the Artisan baker back at the Wharf, after which we cast off and headed east back towards Wigan.   Another warm sunny day showed the picturesque countryside and Autumnal foliage at its best.

Two of the CaRT guys who’d escorted us into Liverpool were out in their van today and seemed to be stalking us as they kept appearing at swing bridges and also at one of the locks. They assisted with one bridge and gave us a cheery wave at others.

At Appley Bridge we found a boat broadsides across the canal. It was unmanned with its front rope, with mooring spike still attached, dangling under the water.   We did our good deed of the day and made it secure again with both mooring spikes hammered back into the bank.

The rest of our journey was uneventful and we passed under the M6 and after 7miles, two locks and three swing bridges we moored at Crooke in the Douglas Valley and took a brief stroll round the village before returning to the boat to do some baking.

A chocolate cake and a loaf of soda bread accompanied liver and bacon casserole for tea.


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