Friday 17 October

We enjoyed a cooked breakfast before tackling two more swing bridges and the three miles back to Burscough. It was so warm in the sun that we were in short sleeves again.

While we filled up with water next to Burscough Bridge, I popped across the canal to look for coal at the chandlers.

The two guys busy making fenders, dressed alike, with their trousers held up with braces, and wearing clogs as they clomped across the cobbles to serve me, looked as though they were living in a time warp and the price of their coal confirmed they must be living in the past; less than £7 per 20kg bag.

With our front lockers full of coal, we moored up on the visitor moorings and went shopping.

The cake shop near the church had two vanilla slices left and as they were proper custard filled ones we took both and returned to the boat for afternoon tea – they were yummy.

By now the sunshine had disappeared and rain was threatening so we didn’t move on.


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