Tuesday 14 October

Another action packed day. From our mooring the morning started off quite sunny but soon deteriorated into a dreary, cold, cloudy day.

The backdrop to our mooring.

The backdrop to our mooring.

We caught the 10am Mersey Ferry, Royal Iris, (or the River Experience Cruise) to Woodside (Birkenhead) via Seacombe and visited the U-Boat story where a very enthusiastic volunteer gave us a guided tour of the German World War II submarine, U534. He really brought the experiences of a submariner to life.


The streets close to the Ferry terminal in Birkenhead were deserted and we headed off in the direction of Hamilton Square, a very smart Georgian square which wouldn’t look amiss in Bath or Bristol.   We’ve friends who are better acquainted with Birkenhead than we are and they’d talked dismissively of the place and we couldn’t understand why.   And then we then headed towards the large covered market and saw a different side to Birkenhead.   We didn’t linger long and headed back to Liverpool.


Crossing the Square in Birkenhead

Crossing the Square in Birkenhead

This evening, we’d been lucky enough to get a place on the Mersey tunnel tour and for anyone interested in large engineering projects this is a must!   You get to explore the Queensway Tunnel that goes under the Mersey to Birkenhead, visit the refuge areas under the walkway that keep drivers safe in the event of an incident, climb up to view the huge fresh air intake fans and the even bigger exhaust fans, walk under the roadway, see the walls of the Old George Dock that the building was built over and meet the guys who control everything to do with keeping the public safe in both the Queensway and the Kingsway Tunnels.


The tunnel control room (occupied by two men 24 hours a day)

The original management control panel which allegedly responded quicker and more efficiently than the new computerised system

After that we headed out for a bite to eat and a drink before returning to the boat for an early night as we’ve walked miles, and climbed up and down a lot of stairs today.



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