Saturday 11 October

We missed all the excitement in the night.  At about 3am students enjoying a night out had pulled out our mooring pins and our boating neighbours on a wide beam boat had been trying to wake us as our boat had drifted across the canal.   As they couldn’t raise us or reach us they’d secured their boat and gone to bed.

By the time we woke up, our boat had drifted back to the tow path side and we were none the wiser until they came and told us what had been going on.

We decided to move out of Maghull and moor up out in the countryside at Bridge 10 – this had been recommended to us by Muckle who’d said it was the nicest and safest place to moor before heading into Liverpool.

We had a close encounter with a motorist on one of the swing bridges this morning – the driver, in his impatience to cross the canal, had ignored the flashing traffic lights and started to cross the bridge as the barriers were coming down, I ducked in anticipation as he came under the first barrier and his car must have ducked too as miraculously he  missed the second barrier.



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