Monday 6 October

Today didn’t quite go according to plan.   Heavy rain meant a slow start to the day as we’d had a disturbed night’s sleep.

When I took Max for his morning walk there was a CaRT member working the last lock that we’d travelled through yesterday.   He informed me that the mile long pound ahead of us from Wigan Pier to the stadium had been drained overnight by vandals. He wasn’t sure whether the vandals were looking for fish or scrap metal as they may have put a net across below the lock to catch the fish or dewatered the section so they could locate scrap metal in the mud.  He said it would take at least all of today to refill the canal.

We then went to the CaRT offices in Wigan to try to book our passage into Liverpool’s Albert Dock.   Convoys of boats are assisted through locks, bridges etc by CaRT staff and five days advance notice is required. Boats are booked in on a first come first served basis.   Again our plans were scuppered as the lady who deals with the bookings was off sick today. One of her colleagues handed us the skippers guide, the booking form and terms and conditions for the journey and asked us to come back in the morning.

This afternoon we walked along the length of the dewatered section and it was quite a sorry sight with lots of scrap iron sticking out of the shallow water showing just how much rubbish we usually travel over without even knowing.   The water levels need to rise by at least two feet before it will be safe to leave.

Fingers crossed that we can travel to Liverpool when we wish and that there is enough water to escape from Wigan tomorrow.


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