Sunday 5 October

Yesterday morning we woke to the sound of rain on the roof and rather than rushing to get up we snuggled down under the quilt as the temperature had dropped too.

We lit the stove last night but as we can’t control the temperature we’re now glowing like the coals and have been sitting with the windows open until dark.

We didn’t motor anywhere in the rain yesterday and had already decided to stay put for the day by the time the sun came out.   We enjoyed a long walk out in the countryside with Max in the afternoon.

We left our mooring though today and headed the five miles into Wigan, to be ready to visit the offices of the Canal & River Trust in the morning. We are looking to book our passage into Liverpool as the CaRT control the number of boats entering Albert Dock.

The Leigh branch of the Leeds Liverpool Canal is now built on an embankment of colliery waste.   This was done to safeguard the canal from the subsidence caused by mining in the area and the sides of the embankment have been planted with oaks, birch and ash trees that obscure the views left and right for much of the way. The subsidence has resulted in the creation of ‘flashes’ and occasionally you get a view across open stretches of water.


We walked into Wigan town and it seems as though the pubs outnumber the shops and even at 4.30pm on a Sunday afternoon, everyone seemed to have been in the pub for most of the day.   We did find the Wigan Casino though and it was interesting to see that they’d recently celebrated the 41st anniversary of Northern Soul in August by having a night of dancing in three of its dance halls.


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