Friday 3 October

Last night’s visit to the theatre to see “Gatecrash” was not quite what we expected. The clue was in the title and we should have found out more before booking!

Prior to the show, we were too engrossed in the World War 1 exhibition in the foyer to realise that the rest of the evening’s audience were generally about 40 years younger than us.

As we went to take our seats, we were handed some earphones and were told that once we entered the room we were to stay there and not go anywhere else.   At that point I started to feel a little nervous.

There were no seats (well there was a sofa and two armchairs, and six chairs round the dining room table) and we found ourselves standing on the set of a fairly ordinary sitting room, decorated with birthday banners for a 17 year old, being thanked for responding to a tweet to gate-crash this party and being invited to drink fruit juice disguised as vodka.

After twenty minutes of feeling extremely uncomfortable amongst a roomful of teenagers, we politely excused ourselves and went to find a real drink.   We spent the rest of the evening discussing how our behaviour and expectations from forty years ago differed from the youth of today!   Our introduction to immersive theatre was very educational.


Before returning to the boat last night we glanced at the Manchester Evening News banner headlines, which were a little unsettling, and we were relieved to wake up this morning with the boat in one piece after a quiet night moored in Sale.

We cast off straight after breakfast and continued on our way along the Bridgewater Canal to Waters Meet where we turned north up the Leigh Branch to head towards Wigan. We passed Trafford Park Shopping Centre and crossed the Barton Swing Aqueduct over the Manchester Ship Canal which was set in our favour.

IMG_2670  IMG_2672

From Sale to Worsley, the canal is flanked by industry interspersed one or two strange sights…

IMG_2677    IMG_2681

As we got nearer to Worsley the water turned more orange, caused by iron ore seeping from the old mines in the area.


Worsley is now a very attractive village, despite sitting just beside the M60 motorway.  We filled up with water and then motored on to Leigh where we had an economic shop at Aldi.

We’ve moored for the night out in the countryside just five miles south of Wigan.








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