Thursday, 25 September

We are underway again after a hectic week.

Last Thursday we were booked to look after Summer for the day and we had intended to leave Chester the following day, but events conspired to keep us in Chester a bit longer.

Firstly, my car didn’t respond well to the attentions of Storm, nor to the helpful suggestions of Laura’s neighbours and even the man from the AA failed to identify the problem so after several days of tinkering, Storm reluctantly bit the bullet and on Saturday arranged for the AA to collect the car and deliver it back to Beverley on a low loader.

Secondly, Summer hasn’t been very well and we offered to help with child-minding so that Laura could continue working part-time.   The GP had suggested that Summer have a full week off nursery to allow her to fully recover and to build up her strength as each time she gets a bit better she goes back to nursery, gets tired, and succumbs to the next germ.

The tender loving care seemed to be working until I went to get her up yesterday morning and she greeted me with a very swollen eye. I’d never seen anything like it before. She looked like she’d been in a fight.   The GP asked me to bring her in immediately and after one look she sent us off to the hospital suspecting that Summer had Orbital Cellulitus.

The hospital admitted Summer straightaway and thankfully Laura was able to join us there quite quickly. The hospital said that they wished to keep Summer in overnight, insert a cannula in her hand and give her intravenous antibiotics for 24 hours to treat the infection. Laura stayed with Summer and we went back home to pack an overnight bag for both of them.

At the time we didn’t appreciate how serious this condition was but with hindsight we are so glad we acted quickly.

Anyway, I’m happy to stay that Summer is now much better and was discharged this morning. After picking them both up we were dropped back to the boat.

Amidst all the excitement of the week, last Saturday we moved the boat from Tower Wharf near Telford’s Warehouse, back to the Cheshire Cat at Christelton, as we felt we’d overstayed our welcome on the 48 hour moorings.   (Eight locks and 2.5 miles)

We went up the Northgate staircase on our own. As we were about to exit the top lock an elderly lady stood beside us clapping her hands at pigeons. She didn’t speak to us and as I got back on board after closing the lock gates, I realized that we’d picked up a lodger.


As I looked back at the lock, I noticed that the elderly lady was following us. She wasn’t shouting or waving and so we continued.   The towpath was closed for part of the way and we spotted her crawling under the barrier that closed off the footpath before half running, half walking, as she pursued us, still making no attempt to get our attention.

At the next bridge our lodger pigeon flew off. After another half a mile, two joggers ran alongside us and said that there was a lady behind them who was very worried about an injured pigeon on our boat. We explained it had flown off at the bridge near Iceland and they ran back the way they’d come.

We continued on to the next lock and just as we were about to close the gates a boat behind us pulled out from its mooring and joined us in the lock.   We then shared all the locks with them back to Christelton, which was nice.

I tried to put the kettle on as soon as we moored up and had a problem with the tap. I then noticed that there was a pool of water on the kitchen floor. After investigating the source of this water we discovered that our water filter under the sink had split and was spurting water everywhere.   We turned off the water pump which in turn cut off the water supply.

Thankfully, we have a five gallon collapsible water carrier and the Cheshire Cat pub allowed us to fill this at their tap. You don’t realize how much you take water at the tap for granted until it doesn’t work.

Anyway, this morning we left Christleton and headed towards Barbridge Junction where we called in at the Chandlers and bought a new filter. (Six locks and 11.5 miles).   Storm fitted this as I turned the boat into the Middlewich Branch of the Shropshire Union Canal and we continued on for a further 4.5 miles and through two further locks before mooring up for the night just south of Church Minshull. We now have water back on tap!








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