Monday 15 September

We drove back to Chester yesterday in my Reliant SS1.   We made it back in just under three hours which wasn’t bad considering the M62 lane closures and, apart from a bit of misfiring climbing the Pennines, the car did good!   Positively purred.

The boat looks a lot smarter with a newly painted hull and had been refloated and moored outside the dry dock by the time we got there.

IMG_2577                     IMG_2606

We woke today to another warm and sunny morning and moved the boat onto the visitor moorings opposite Telfords, stopping first to fill up with water.

We then decided to go to Tesco’s to stock up with groceries. However, yesterday’s journey must have been a bit of a shock to Reliant, being the furthest she’s been in the last three years. Today we’ve struggled to get her started.   She managed a lumpy drive to Tesco and back. Storm is planning some serious maintenance tomorrow and hopes this will make her run more smoothly.

This afternoon we walked to Aldi to stock up with their bargain priced London Dry Gin, to Maplins to source a new router cable and to Tescos to buy a Pay as You Go Sim for an old phone as my Smartphone isn’t looking too Smart at the moment. It has finally gone off to Samsung for repair and may not be repairable (well not at a price that I’m willing to pay).       “Scam, rip off, nohelpwhatsoever helpdesk”, are some of the words that have been bandied about this week. My usual calm, measured and tolerant behavioural traits have all been tested.   Argghhhhhhhhh…..

Whenever we are out in Chester, we see the Airbus Beluga overhead as it takes completed components from Chester to Toulouse.



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