Wednesday 3 September

Today we caught the Metro train to Liverpool.  


We bought lunch in Boots and Storm chose a “Smoked Ham & Egg Club”.   When he opened the box he was surprised his sandwich was so large and was disappointed that there was no badge with this unique membership!


IMG_2496 .

We managed to get matinee tickets to see Richard Bean’s “One Man Two Guvners” at the Liverpool Empire.

Storm loves matinees – they make him feel so youthful as he can get to his seat unassisted (well once he’s found his glasses to see what seat number is shown on the ticket).

We didn’t know what to expect of the play. It has always received good reviews and, having seen most of Richard’s previous work, I was interested to go and see it. This was very different.   It was very ‘entertaining’ as it says on the box, and thought provoking.

After a fun afternoon out we got back to find the sunken boat had been rescued and refloated.   The “Chester Chronicle” did a feature – apparently the owner has refused to be named, his boat was his home and he’s lost all his belongings because his insurance didn’t cover any salvage operation, and the fire brigade weren’t prepared to help rescue the boat as no life was at risk and there was no fuel leakage without charging a rescue fee.    


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