Saturday 30 August

I tidied the boat and gave the floor a quick wash before James & Ali, with my Mum, arrived to collect us to take us to the party.  

My Mum hasn’t been on the boat since Easter 2010 and it was good to welcome them all back on board for a coffee before we all piled into the car with Max and the dishes that I prepared earlier.

Summer’s party was already underway with her looking gorgeous in her polka dot party dress.

IMG_2428   Summer's Cake

About 40 friends and family ranging in age from 1 week to 80ish had a lovely afternoon celebrating Summer’s first year, enjoying the buffet, the cake and watching Summer open all her presents with the help of her two year old cousin Jacob.  

Summer had fun and after her dinner and a bath, she collapsed into bed at 7pm without another peep.   Then thirteen family members sat down to the evening meal and carried on partying into the evening.  

Summer's Dinner


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