Thursday 21 August

We’re back on board after enjoying two fantastic weeks in Menorca with our family celebrating Laura’s 30th birthday in temperatures of 27 degrees plus.

The temperature in Birmingham today is half that and we’re feeling decidedly chilly.

Anyway we’re looking forward to a week of hard work as we’re taking the boat back to Chester for Summer’s first birthday party a week on Saturday.   We’ve decided to go the long way round from Birmingham via the Staffs & Worcester Canal to Great Heywood, along the Trent & Mersey Canal to Middlewich and then along the Shropshire Union to Chester, a total of 97 miles and 95 locks.

Before we set off though, I need to try to get my Samsung Fame phone mended as it has developed a mind of its own since landing back in the UK in that it randomly decides when it will switch on or off and refuses to open any apps!

As I bought the phone in Birmingham back in March, we went back to the “3” shop only for them to tell me that I needed to contact Samsung direct to request a jiffy bag for me to return the phone to them for repair.

On the face of it this sounds simple but I have a nasty feeling that this may not be as straight forward as one might expect because I have no fixed address or easy postal address.   We stopped off at Phones For Us to see what a new handset would cost, in the hope that I could perhaps just switch the sim over, but as soon as I mentioned my contract sim was with “3”, they told me their phones were not compatible.

Feeling, a bit frustrated at my lack of IT savvy, we returned to the boat to unpack our holiday cases and prepare for the our trip north.


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