Friday 22 August

We left Birmingham at 8 o’clock and headed along the BCN towards Wolverhampton.   The weather wasn’t sure what it wanted to do today and we donned coats for the first time in months.



Cheerio Birmingham

Whilst we were motoring, I decided to give Samsung a quick call on Storm’s phone to request they send out a jiffy bag to Laura’s address in Chester so I could deal with my phone next weekend.   However, this call led to further frustration, as Samsung weren’t willing to send out a jiffy bag without knowing more.  

I’m not familiar with Storm’s phone and it is impossible to see anything on the screen in bright sunshine and the screen goes blank anyway after a few seconds when idle so when I was asked to press 1 for this and 2 for something else, I struggled to locate the keypad. Eventually though I got through to a human and he asked for the serial number of my phone.   I asked where would I find that. The answer was ‘inside the phone, under the battery’, so I’m resting Storm’s phone on my shoulder while I try to force the back off my phone, removing the battery, only to find that the lettering is so small I can’t even read it with my glasses on, so then I’m trying to locate a magnifying glass in the drawer whilst still balancing the phone on my shoulder. I’m then told to ‘return my phone to factory settings and if I don’t know how to do that then I should log on to the Samsung website where I will find full instructions and I should check that I have saved all my personal information to the sim beforehand’. I’m then offered a customer reference number to quote, so that when I call them back to let them know whether that has cured the problem, they can record whether they still have a dissatisfied customer and only then if the problem still exists will they send me a jiffy bag.   Arggggggghhhh!!!

By this time I am beginning to wonder whether I actually need a phone!!   Anyway, I decided I would wait before doing anything else towards getting my phone repaired and instead I took over the steering while Storm went ashore with the windlass to prepare the flight of 21 locks out of Wolverhampton. We entered the first lock at 1.30pm and spent the rest of the afternoon working our way through the locks. We followed another boat down the flight which meant we had to refill each of the locks before we could enter which slowed us down a bit.  


The last of the Wolverhampton 21.

We had cleared the locks and stopped at Oxley Marine by 5pm to fill up with diesel and water, both tanks being almost empty and after exchanging a bit of boating banter, we headed off along the Staffordshire & Worcester Canal, stopping briefly at Autherley Junction for some chocolate to keep us going until supper time.  

It is 29 years since we last travelled along the Staffordshire & Worcester Canal and neither of us can remember anything about it.   Our first treat was a very narrow section cut through the rock where it is only wide enough for one boat at a time.  


One way working

In places they have provided passing bays where it is just wide enough for two boats to pass.   Thankfully we didn’t meet another boat and so continued on and moored up about 7pm at Cross Green having completed 18 miles, 24 locks, and two tunnels during the day.

After supper, I powered up the computer with the intention of placing a grocery order with Tesco and then logging onto the Samsung website to try to sort out my phone.   However, it appears that today is not my day for dealing with any matters relying on IT as I got half way through trying to place my order when the computer froze and after several further attempts, I gave up.    

Storm decided that he would take me to the pub to try to calm me down. I love computers when they work ….



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