Wednesday 30 July

We left Tamworth after stopping to fill up with water. We must have been nearly empty as it took about 45 minutes.  


Glascote locks were easy as each time there was a boat coming towards us and we didn’t waste any water with one up, one down.  


We turned onto the Birmingham & Fazeley Canal – a very tight junction which we just managed in one move despite catching our hull on something submerged which spoilt our line of attack.


We moored up and visited Tolsons Mill where there are all sorts of amazing yarns to tempt the avid knitter or crotcheter.   We weakened and spent money on ideas for prezzies.   Their narrowboat tours the canals promoting their wares.


We then moved off and stopped again after a mile to visit the Kingsbury Park Nature Reserve which we’d been told was worth a visit.   Until 2007 this was a working gravel pit but now provides a welcome home to lapwings mainly.   We walked through the park amongst the grasses and wild flowers that were alive with crickets, bees and butterflies before coming to one of the hides. Here we learnt that today we were to be honoured with the sighting of an unusual and rare visit of the Pacific Golden Plover.   We were allowed to view this bird through a ‘scope’ that made us realise that our binoculars were totally inadequate for this kind of bird watching.


After being suitably educated and impressed, we moved off again and passed through a further three locks, running parallel with the M42, before mooring up beside the Dog & Doublet. Today is our 33rd wedding anniversary so we’re treating ourselves to a meal out.


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