Tuesday 29 July

We left Atherstone and worked our way through six locks, stopping for lunch at Polesworth. We loaded the rotary drier with washing and went off into the village to explore.   We’d visited before in 2010 but couldn’t quite recall the village but we soon remembered when we saw the splendid gatehouse and clerestory that remain from Saxon times.

After our brief sojourn we set off again and passed under the M42 bridge, before mooring up on the outskirts of Tamworth.

We waited until early evening before heading off in search of some milk.   We walked into Tamworth which we visited here by train on a previous occasion when we’d visited Tamworth Castle but on this occasion we just took a brief stroll round the town, bought our milk and returned to the boat.

After dinner on board we spent the evening trying to get our internet up and running as we need to place a Tesco order, do some internet banking and communicate again with the outside world. Storm is the hero of the hour as he’s found another transformer and a different adaptor that works.  


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