Monday 28 July

We’re back on board after ten nights at home.   We’ve been busy partying with friends and family all week. We’ve also been filling a skip with soil and rubble left over from having had a new patio laid, pruning and tidying the garden, and losing several pounds perspiring in the constant heat.   In between we’ve been getting vehicles up and running after they’ve been stood for a while!

Max enjoyed daily walks with his best friend, Poppy, whom he’d really missed as he’d not seen her since January. He also made new friends with Charlie, the ever so patient Bassett Hound who allowed Max to wash him from head to toe despite it being one of the hottest days of the year.

Our train journey was uneventful and we’ve come back to the boat to dry out and try and save our pennies as life on dry land maintaining properties and vehicles always costs us more than we’d intended!

While we’ve been away the spiders have been busy trying to cover the boat in cobwebs, but otherwise all was well.

Sorry, I spoke too soon – when trying to upload this to the blog site, I discovered that there is no power to our router.


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