Saturday 12 July

A scorching hot day and we headed off in search of some breeze towards Hawkesbury Junction, the stop lock and the Coventry Canal.

We motored on past Bedworth and were approaching Marston Junction, where there were boats moored up on the tow path right up to the bridge, hampering our sight line , when we had a close encounter with a boat coming towards us at speed, closely followed by three others. Thankfully we were travelling quite slowly and as we changed into reverse we could react quicker than the approaching boats. We did lose some of our new black enamel paint and were a little upset that the hot weather seemed to be impacting on their boating good manners as there had been a lot more space for manoeuvre at their side of the bridge.

We continued onto the outskirts of Nuneaton for lunch and moored up so we could go and explore the town centre, the birthplace of George Eliot, author of The Mill on the Floss.

By the time we returned to the boat it was getting slightly cooler and we moved the boat about a mile out into open countryside, close to Springwood Haven.



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