Wednesday 9 July

We are still enjoying sunny weather and we decided to replace some of our missing paint. Another coat of undercoat was applied.

Many dog walkers, enjoying their regular tour of the common, would stop for a chat and make a fuss of Max and we were soon up to speed with the local gossip. The main topic of conversation concerned a high number of travellers who had thankfully moved onto open ground just the other side of the motorway rather than onto the common as they had done previously.  

Later on we visited the local shop and this meant we had to cross over the motorway footbridge and pass the gypsy encampment. We had to admit we were glad that they hadn’t camped on the common as the amount of rubbish already accumulating was disheartening.

In the evening we visited “The Boat”, a pub about half a mile from the canal and visitors may wonder at its choice of name. We discovered that when the pub was built it sat beside the canal but in the late 1820’s the Oxford Canal had become conspicuously out of date with its extravagant winding course and the company decided to modernise the northern part of the canal and undertook extensive engineering works to straighten the line of the canal thus reducing its length by 14 miles.   This pub was one of the casualties of that work in that the new line of the canal went nowhere near the pub.   It was a lovely popular pub and it was nice to see it had survived.


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