Thursday 10 July

Before returning to Newbold to collect the bike frame, we had planned to add a coat of enamel paint to the boat but the undercoat wasn’t fully dry.  

We were amazed at how many dog walkers stopped by for a chat and it was some time before we could move off. We managed to wind in the entrance to Coventry Cruising Club and return to the outskirts of Rugby.  The Rugby Cement Factory can be seen for miles.


We delayed our long walk to the powder coaters until after lunch as it was such a hot day.   This is the fourth time we have walked this route and Storm is convinced the route is getting shorter.  

The frame is now a gleaming white colour and Storm is looking forward to putting it together again.

Returning to the boat, we decided to make the most of the good weather and leave Rugby behind and move back out into open countryside so after winding again and filling up with water we moved back to Brinklow only to find that everyone else had had the same idea and we only just managed to find space to pull in before entering the shady cutting.


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