Saturday 14 June

We decided to moor closer to Hinckley Marina who advertise an emergency call out service.   However, we hadn’t quite reached it when an audible alarm made us jump and the pedestal with all the gauges lit up like a Christmas tree.   Our repair had failed and our water header tank was boiling.  

We turned the engine off and our momentum carried us to a suitable mooring.  From there we walked to the marina but with it being a Saturday their engineer was not available.   Until we can fix this hose we can’t run the engine and therefore have no way of charging the batteries from which we run all our electrics including mobile phones.

We caught the bus the mile into Hinckley town centre and found the computer shop who thankfully were open on a Saturday and they said that they would need to carry out some tests on the computer to see if it was repairable and that they would need to keep the computer for the best part of a week.  

Anyway, with no boat engineer available, Storm carried out a permanent repair to the hose himself using the copper pipe and jubilee clips and at least this meant we could run the engine again which would charge the batteries so we could charge up the phones.

It is not until you don’t have a computer that you notice how much you rely on them for music, DVD watching etc as well as emails etc.  Smart phones are OK for but the screens and keyboards are too small and they don’t hold their charge for long and we are always mindful that we should have at least one phone charged in case of emergency. 




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