Friday 13 June

Smart phones are wonderful –  a telephone call to a local plumber resulted in a shady deal taking place under a canal bridge when 3″ of 15mm copper pipe and 2 jubilee clips were exchanged and which would allow us to repair the damaged hose when we reach civilisation.

However, we had another problem.  The computer screen has turned black.   We think that as the fan belt went, it maybe caused an electrical surge  in the batteries causing this fault.   The smart phone helped us locate a computer shop in Hinckley that may be able to effect a repair.


A slight wait at Hawkesbury Junction stop lock where we left the North Oxford Canal and joined the Coventry Canal.  We  headed out into open countryside  and after two miles we turned into the Ashby Canal and reached the outskirts of Hinckley and moored up opposite The Limekilns pub.  The gaffa tape repair had lasted all day.



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