Thursday 12 June

A three mile brisk walk to the Powder Coaters and back in full sun left us crying out for cold drinks on our return.   The work will take two weeks so we have time to go on another little jaunt before we need to be back in Rugby and we’re planning to head up the Ashby Canal.    We set off towards Coventry at about 10.30am.

We’ve passed this way before along the North Oxford Canal and had forgotten how lovely it is.   We spotted a terrapin enjoying the sunshine from his hideway in a now redundant moorhen’s nest.

We didn’t quite make Hawkesbury Junction before we were forced to pull in early as a red warning light and no hot water alerted us to something wrong – the loss of a generator belt! Thankfully we carry a spare but needed to wait for the engine to cool down and the heat in the engine bay to disperse.

The temperature inside the boat was 80°F at 2.30pm and it was a lot hotter outside. A little experiment with the thermometer on the roof sent the mercury off the scale at 120°F. No wonder Max has moved into the shade.

At 5pm Storm went into the engine bay and changed the belt. Unfortunately it has also caught one of the hoses as it went and although a temporary repair with some gaffa tape has sufficed for now, we will be limping to the next boat yard for a more permanent solution.


[7 miles, 1 tunnel, no locks, 1 swing bridge]




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