Monday 2 June

We’ve been enjoying the delights of Market Harborough this weekend having travelled from Foxton on Saturday morning to the basin that marks the end of the arm. The sunshine helped.


The basin has been tastefully modernised and not been overworked. It is possible to moor with hook up and water on each jetty in the basin once you’ve checked on availability at the office and paid an overnight mooring fee, otherwise you can moor up just outside the basin for a maximum of 14 days, free of charge.

We moored up alongside Margaret Rose – a boat we recognised as one of the two other boats being built by Stillwater at the same time as ours in 2009/10. It was nice comparing notes with the owners who were enjoying their boat and thought they’d received excellent value for money.


A half mile walk from the wharf took us into the centre of Market Harborough and we found it charming and the people all very friendly and welcoming.  We strolled round the shops on Saturday afternoon – many independents, although there are the usual chain suspects too such as WH Smith, Wilko’s, Fat Face, Edinburgh Wool Shop, Pizza Express, Tesco, The Co-Op, Sainsbury’s etc.


We visited the Antique and Craft Fair yesterday which is held every Sunday in the market hall and we’d been hoping to visit the old Sinnington Factory Corset Museum this morning but sadly it is closed on Mondays.

We left Market Harborough at lunch-time today and got a cheery wave from the basin manager as we headed back towards Foxton at the breakneck speed of 2mph.

This weekend we’ve also been giving some thoughts to our travel plans as we’ve discovered this week that the London Olympic Village waterways are not due to open until 2015 or until after the Cross Rail Project is completed and so we’re delaying our visit to London for the time being.

Also with more rain forecast this week we’ve decided against heading for Leicester and on to the River Soar as the Environment Agency are still on flood standby here. Instead we are looking to return to Rugby and to head north along the North Oxford Canal towards Coventry and beyond before heading back into Birmingham for mid July along the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal.


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