Tuesday 27 May

It’s still raining!

We are very impressed by Tesco who arrived promptly at 11am, even though the booked slot was for an hour up to 12 noon. Only one slight problem, the marina office is closed on a Tuesday and therefore so was the gate – a half mile uphill walk from the marina that seems more like a mile. Thankfully we’d been forewarned and so Storm had already donned his waterproofs and had set off in good time to man the gate.

The charming and helpful driver helped us carry the groceries to the boat which were all present and correct.

We were now ready to leave the marina and, whilst our stay had been very peaceful, we were glad to escape to the relative freedom of the canal away from the oppressive rules of marina life.

As the weather was so atrocious, we only motored for about a mile and instead spent the afternoon planning the next stage of our journey because after all the rain we’ve had and are forecast still to have, we’ve decided to give the River Nene a miss for the time being as it will be in flood and therefore un-navigable.

After trawling through the maps, the guides, and our books on places of interest to visit, we’re going to head to Market Harborough; an area we’ve never visited before so log on again over the next few days for more thrilling adventures …



One thought on “Tuesday 27 May

  1. You should still stop off in Welford on your way only a very short detour.
    Two old working boats turned towards Foxton last night but moored up just outside the marina. They may of course have gone past you today, Just thought I’d warn of possible slow progress.

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