Saturday 24 May

The forecast today was for rain.   A walk into the village for the papers with Max resulted in one soaking.  We were expecting two different groups of friends about lunch-time and they arrived while it was still raining so we sat and nattered over coffee and cake.  We headed off for the festival about 1pm by which time the rain had ceased and for the majority of the afternoon we enjoyed dry conditions while we strolled around looking at the various stalls and new boats on display.

At about 5pm I  headed back to Yelvertoft with one group while the others stayed on to look at one or two other things.  Midway home the heavens opened and it absolutely bucketed it down, and included hailstones too, and there was absolutely nowhere to shelter.   We were armed with umbrellas and all had coats but by the time we got back to the boat we were drenched and couldn’t have been any wetter if we’d swum across the marina!   Towels were handed round but these provided little comfort and one very steamed up car left soon afterwards with four very damp ladies!

The other party returned about an hour later, all dry as they’d found shelter in one of the tents at the festival, that just happened to sell beer!

After waving them goodbye we didn’t venture out again and spent an evening keeping warm so as not to risk another soaking.


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