Wednesday 21 May

We left Braunston on the Grand Union Canal under clear blue skies and shared all six double locks with Dreamcatcher before passing through Braunston Tunnel (2042 yards).

These tiny moorhen chicks were a little baffled when the water they were paddling in disappeared as we filled the lock.


We then turned left at Norton Junction and headed north towards Watford Gap Services and arrived at the start of the seven Watford Locks (all single locks) to find a queue of 11 waiting boats.   We registered our arrival with the lock keeper and had lunch while we waited.  These locks are just next to the lorry park of the M1 service station.


After two hours we were on our way again and after clearing the locks we continued on through Crick tunnel (1528 yards) and had hoped to spend a night in Crick but all the visitor moorings had been discontinued ahead of this weekend’s boat show so we carried on to Yelvertoft village.

We did spot a very yellow boat in Crick Marina and we’re looking forward to catching up with its owners this weekend!


One thought on “Wednesday 21 May

  1. I was wondering how long you’d have to wait at Watford for. Was anyone coming down? Or was it just one way traffic? I’ve been watching the progress of various boats heading to Crick on facebook today and getting excited to be heading back to Lillian after 3 weeks away. Glad she is bright enough to shine through the bushes at the marina.
    We are heading to Crick sometime on Friday, so see you at the weekend. x

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