Saturday 17 May

We arrived back into Rugby by train after five nights in Chester. Our rail tickets cost us £6.10 each way – I used to spend more than that on a train ticket from Beverley to Hull!

While away I managed to get an appointment with Laura’s dentist who removed my troublesome tooth on Wednesday as the antibiotics had killed the infection. I’m just waiting for the bruising effects of the injections to wear off now!

We’ve had a lovely week otherwise. Summer is now crawling and is furniture walking and we enjoyed watching her explore and delight in her surroundings.

IMG_0766     IMG_0861

After our walk from the Railway Station back o the mooring we were hot and bothered and were longing for a drink.   We always turn off the electric and gas when we’re away and so only had luke warm soft drinks and no milk.

I went off to Tesco’s whilst keeping in touch with Storm who’d stayed on the boat to listen to the FA Cup match on the radio.   Storm came and joined me at half time to help me with the bags and with the score at 2:1 we returned to the boat to hear Arsenal equalise and then spent a tense and anxious time willing Hull on to score again. We needed a drink after that.


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