Tuesday 6 May

We decided to move the boat the three miles to the start of the closure to see at first hand what the problem is, rather than relying on email notifications.

We pulled up behind three other boats who were moored waiting for information on how long the canal is to be closed.

We walked down to Lock 10 where there was a group of men in hi-viz jackets all busy taking calls on their mobiles.   We decided the guy with the Top Cat ring tone must the main man.


The pound between the locks had been drained of water and the collapse of the wall looked fairly dramatic.


After the meeting looked as though it was over, we spoke to one of the CRT staff who took a pragmatic view that they should be able to make a temporary repair which would enable the canal to open before the end of the week as he thought it looked worse than it was.

This was certainly good news for us, as the towpath telegraph had been working well this morning with everyone having an opinion and the rumour that the canal would be closed for months was gathering momentum.