Monday 5 May

Today was a day for seeing new borns – we spotted this little fellow in the field opposite our mooring and he’d literally just been born and was very unsteady on his legs.


We passed a swan’s nest with a newly hatched cynet which merely waved a webbed foot at us as we motored past and I wasn’t quick enough with the camera. We’ve also seen a number of ducklings.

We moored up in open countryside tonight and this is the view from the kitchen window.  (10 miles and 8 locks)


We may be here a few days, however, as I’ve just received an email from the Canal River Trust telling us that Napton Locks are closed due to ‘structural failure of the approach wall at Lock 10 and  Locks 8 – 14 will be closed until further notice. Our engineering team have yet to visit the site and a further notice will be issued in due course.’

These locks are 3 miles ahead of us!  To reach civilisation we would have to reverse for 5 miles to Fenny Compton as there are no winding holes to allow us to turn round , and this canal is a contour canal with many twists and turns – reversing isn’t really an option.