Saturday 26 April

First thing on the agenda today was to go in search of Maplins for some 12 volt electrical items so we could better manage our leisure batteries when charging all our mobile devices.  It was very exciting for me to find Hobbycraft and an army surplus shop on the same site as these are always worth a browse.

Storm’s latest Ebay purchase was delivered to us at lunchtime … “A project” , and allegedly a “design Classic” –  a Moulton mini bicycle.   It looks a bit small for an adult cyclist but that is a plus with very little storage on board.  If anyone has the bigger version, please let Storm know!

A visit to the Indoor Market was a real treat in the late afternoon but when the weather turned showery we went off to explore some of the local hostelries, such as The Bear which displays cases and cases of old club ties, and The Turf which had been visited by many other great and good folk before we got there, and after a break for supper we went off to explore more in Jericho. All the pubs we visited had very individual characteristics, although most seemed familiar, thanks mainly to “Morse”.