Friday 25 April

Well how different can two consecutive days be?   We’d made plans to travel back up to Oxford with our friend Pete on board.   By the time we’d done the first lock and filled up with water in the torrential rain, we already looked like drowned rats.   However, it was quite warm and as we couldn’t get any wetter, we continued on our way.   The lock keepers all greeted us with a cheery smile and chatted with us today despite the fact we’d brought them out into the rain from their cosy lockside shelter.   My rope throwing skills are improving as I managed to throw my rope up and over the bollard at least once which isn’t easy when the bollards are above my head on the quayside.

We left Abingdon at 10am and arrived back into Oxford at 1pm, just in time for lunch and moored up just at the start of the Oxford Canal opposite St Barnabas Church.   Hanging our dripping coats in the shower, we all huddled round the fire to steam dry.