Saturday 5 April

Two days of taking it very easy – 19 locks and 7 miles in total.    We’re moored up tonight just east of Napton Junction and we’ve seen more boats moving today than we’ve seen in the last five months put together!      We’re not going to be going far this week though as we’re meeting James and Ali on the South Oxford Canal next Saturday when we’ll swap transport and return home for a week.

We’ve watched the four canal trips made by Timothy West and Prunella Scales, on 4 On Demand.   We’ve done all those journeys except the French one and perhaps one day we might do that as well.   Like Pru though, we would miss being able to open our own locks.  I think Timothy should take responsibility for recognising when his boat is still tied up though and while it is a ‘contact’ sport, I’m glad he wasn’t steering ours with all those knocks.   We’ve never broken crockery!  Pru did a fantastic job.