Thursday 3 April

Slow start to the morning after yesterday’s exercise.   Shared our first wide lock with another boat today – hurrah.   Before you say anything unkind, this is because there has been a distinct shortage of other boats around!

Stopped at Tesco’s in Warwick as it is right beside the canal, to stock up, only to discover  later that they’ve built two new supermarkets on the outskirts of Leamington Spa (Lidl & Morrisons) since we last did this stretch of canal and there are better moorings at Lidl where you can get your trolley right up to the side of the boat.

We explored Leamington Spa in 2010 and so decided to motor on and find somewhere out in the countryside.

As I walked between locks today I thought I could hear a woodpecker but the sound wasn’t quite right – it had a tinny resonance to it.  I looked around and the sound was coming from a house beside me that had some cedar boarding on it and at first I thought the woodpecker was trying to drill holes in this, but I couldn’t see him.   Then, suddenly, a head popped out of the chimney and the woodpecker had been pecking at the sides of the cowl, hence the tinny sound!!

It started to drizzle mid afternoon so after six locks and six miles we called it a day and worked on our hobbies.