Thursday 6 March

Started the day with a cooked breakfast while we waited for the rain to stop and then after filling up with water we headed back along the main line and turned north along the Walsall Canal.  Eight locks and seven miles, two submerged supermarket shopping trollies, a shirt wrapped round the prop, loads of floating traffic cones, cider bottles, larger cans, sofas, fridges, and coconut shells  were the order of the day.

[“Coconuts shells” I hear you say.  Apparently they are funeral offerings placed in the canal by the Hindu community  in lieu of the rivers from their homelands where the practice is common.]

The canal runs through  industrial areas for most of the way, which have seen better days and which offer huge future ‘potential’.   The word ‘potential’ is  much used by my better half.

The Walsall Town arm, at first glance, appears unwelcoming as there is a boom across the water that looks to prevent you entering.  However, we were soon advised by a fellow boater that it is designed to only retain the floating rubbish and boats should just motor through it, after which there is ample mooring outside the Art Gallery.   This Art Gallery has the Jacob Epstein archive and is well worth a visit.