Wednesday 5 March

Yesterday’s London trip was a long and tiring day and after a good night’s sleep we woke refreshed.  We took Max for a long walk in the sunshine before returning to the boat and leaving him to rest while we went off to explore Birmingham’s new Library building.

We enjoyed the views from the second floor garden and got chatting to two blokes from Birmingham who told us about a secret garden on the seventh floor and so we went off to investigate.   The secret garden provided fantastic panoramic views of all of Birmingham and I was only sorry that I hadn’t got a camera.  I will have to return another day.

Having spent about an hour looking round the library, we moved on to the nearby Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery to see Grayson Perry’s six tapestries that he created alongside his 2012 TV series ‘All in the Best Possible Taste’.   We’d not seen this series but had picked up a flier.  As these tapestries appeared amazingly detailed, we were interested in finding out how he had done them.   I won’t spoil the surprise in case you get a chance to see them.